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UK Kallmann Syndrome Meeting. London. 12th November 2011

August 28, 2011

Kallmann syndrome meeting 2011

In the last few years we have had one UK meeting and one USA meeting. While small in number these meetings are a useful way of meeting people with the condition and being able to ask top specialists questions.

The meeting will be fairly informal with plenty of time to socialize and meet fellow patients.

Both speakers are experts in the KS / HH field and have published many papers on the subject.

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  1. Graham permalink

    Having attended a couple of these meetings I would say that it is well worth the effort to do so. The speakers Neil arranges to attend are excellent and the Q & A session is most helpful.

    I know people are wary of attending an open meeting on such a delicate subject but the atmosphere soon becomes relaxed allowing people to open up to the audience should they wish. I would hasten to add that participation at whatever level is left entirely up to the individual and no one is put under any pressure to participate in any discussion.

    If anyone is in two minds my advice would be to come along and see for yourself.


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