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Frequently asked questions with Dr Andrew Dwyer, Boston College, USA.

April 18, 2019








In October 2017 I met with Dr Andrew Dwyer of Boston College, USA to talk to him about Kallmann syndrome / CHH. Dr Dwyer is a senior nurse practitioner and clinical researcher who has worked in KS specialist centres in Boston and Lausanne, Switzerland and had published many papers on Kallmann syndrome.

We recorded a series of three videos where I asked him some of the most frequently asked questions I get when talking to fellow patients.

We are planning another patient meeting in Boston in October 2019 where we hope to produce some more YouTube videos.

Video 1.

Video 2.

Video 3.

There appears to be a delay in the audio starting on the videos, but it starts within 10 seconds, when you can restart the video from the start if required.

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