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UK Guardian article on Kallmann syndrome patient.

March 10, 2019

The Guardian newspaper in the UK posted an interesting article about an American KS patient who had just undergone fertility treatment.

Guardian article.

It is always good to have the condition mentioned in a national newspaper. I am always keen to try to raise awareness of this rare condition.

Early diagnosis and treatment can help a lot with both male and female patients but there is a lot more to having Kallmann syndrome that can be mentioned in just one article.

The psychological issues of missing out on both puberty and adolescence can be severe for some patients. The term “late bloomer” tends to suggest that normal puberty eventually happens. This is certainly not the case and treatment can only alleviate some of the symptoms.

It is an invisible condition to most and not an easy one to talk about since it involves intimate physical development and infertility.

Basic hormone treatment is not available to every patient let alone the fertility treatments which are expensive and often difficult to obtain in any country.

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