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Kallmann syndrome – missing out on puberty.

February 10, 2019

Kallmann syndrome  – missing out on puberty. 

I occasionally make posts on Imgur and Reddit to help to raise the awareness of Kallmann syndrome / CHH. I do not mind talking about my condition with anybody who wants to know more.

My aim is to help younger patients get an earlier diagnosis and treatment. I was labelled as a “late bloomer” for far too long as the doctors I saw were not aware of the condition and I was told just to wait and see. Early diagnosis and especailly early treatment can help patients with KS.


Initial KS results.

This is a copy of the blood tests results I had when first diagnosed when I was 24.

My first job was working in the haematology department of the Royal Free Hospital in London. It just so happened, by coincidence or fate, that two specialists in Kallmann syndrome worked at the hospital and I was able to get the correct diagnosis at the very hospital where I worked. It did mean that my blood tests were being tested by my colleagues working the lab next door to mine.

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