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Registering with a new GP.

May 6, 2018

For the first time in almost 13 years, I had to register with a new GP.  It went as well as it could have done in the end. I am asking to be referred to the KS specialist I know in Newcastle instead of the one in London I see at the moment. Hopefully, this can be done relatively easily. It is certainly not the closest endocrinologist I could see but I think it is worth the effort to travel a bit further to see one specialised in Kallmann syndrome. Seeing a KS specialist should help my chances of getting back onto fertility treatment,

I do not think the doctor had heard of Kallmann syndrome but we did not talk about it much, she agreed on my suggestion for the consultant referral and what blood tests I wanted with no argument which was good.

My testosterone level came back at 4.5 nmol/l (about 120 ng/dl for the Americans).  Most certainly on the low side as the low end for the normal range is 15 nmol/l. Since I last had a Nebido injection in early February the result was of no big surprise. The blood test result matched my physical symptoms and I knew the result would be low.

Getting hold of a new prescription for Nebido was easy enough, the tricky part is to find time to get an appointment to have it injected. You can in theory self-inject Nebido but it is not recommended and it would not be easy to do safely. I do have a small supply of testosterone gel sachets to keep me going until I can get the injection.

YouTube video on basic treatment options for Kallmann syndrome / CHH

YouTube video introduction to Kallmann syndrome / CHH

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