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On line research study for US patients taking testosterone therapy.

April 19, 2018
For American KS / CHH patients. I do not know anything about the study myself, just forwarding the post on in case anybody is interested in partcipating.
Hey everyone! We are looking for U.S. men 21 years of age and older who are currently on prescription testosterone to complete a research study to learn more about men’s motivations for taking prescription testosterone and the broader prescription testosterone industry. Questions will include: perceived effects noticed before and after testosterone therapy, and basic demographic and general health information. To date, few studies address these themes from a patient perspective.
There are two options for this study:
1. A 10-40 minute online survey for which you will be compensated after completion:
2. A scheduled 20-40 minute in-person, Skype or phone interview. Interviewees will be compensated a greater amount due to the added logistics of scheduling an interview.
Please note that a survey can only be completed one time. Start the survey only when you can finish it. You may pause the survey and return to it at any time, but can go back to previous questions. Survey links will be active 11am-12am PST, until the end of the study period.
Thanks so much!
Please follow the link to our consent form to learn more about the research study or contact me at the following information or via my social media account to participate or request more information:
Alex Straftis
Phone:(516) 502-8123, Email:
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Principle Investigator: Peter Gray, PhD
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
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