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Kallmann syndrome meeting in Turkey.

April 19, 2018

I recently had the pleasure of attending a Kallmann syndrome meeting in Istanbul, Turkey.

The meeting was organised by a KS patient living in Turkey who wanted to raise the awareness of the condition in his country. The professionally organised meeting was attended by patients, press & media and representatives from government agencies.

I gave a short presentation on my experience with Kallmann syndrome and on line patient support groups. I always enjoy the chance to talk about Kallmann syndrome.

It was good to meet some fellow patients from a different country and talk about similar shared experiences.

I enjoyed the chance of talking about Kallmann syndrome and would like the chance to talk at other meetings or conferences. I think it could be quite helpful for patients to be able to attend medical conferences, to help inform and educate doctors and health care professionals on what it is like to have a specific condition, especially with rare conditions.

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  1. Prosper permalink

    That’s interesting. The need for sensitisation and awareness for this rare condition is very imperative, as some people experiencing it don’t even have an idea of what they are going through, especially in developing countries with limited access to adequate health care facilities.
    Part of my long term plans is to raise awareness on KS and proffer solutions to it, in my country, Nigeria.

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