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Personal blog update.

February 11, 2018

I had my yearly appointment at the Royal Free Hospital in London this week with Prof. Pierre Bouloux.

It was a short appointment but worthwhile. I managed to get a new prescription for the Nebido injection, picked up the injection from the hospital pharmacy, blood tests take and had the Nebido injected by the endocrine nurse all in the space of 3 hours.

I have been on Pregnyl (hCG – human chorionic gonadotropin) for the past year or so. I enjoy being on hCG as it gives a natural testosterone supply. I think I feel better with the natural testosterone instead of the injected or gel form. Unfortunately Pregnyl is not now available in the UK. There are a couple of alternative forms of hCG (Ovitrelle or Gonasi) I could take but neither are licensed for male use. I might try to get on to these at a later date once I have a new GP.

Instead of hCG I have been on the gel for a few months which I never enjoy taking. I used to use Testogel which worked ok but even that was not available so I had to use Testim gel instead. I do not like the Testim gel at all, it is stickier than the Testogel and seems to take even longer to dry.

Until I can use hCG again I will be content with the Nebido injection (testosterone undecanoate). I have been on it in the past and it seems to work well for me. I have noticed a difference in the first couple of nights after taking the injection with better sleep and even a couple of “interesting” dreams which I do not often get.

I have been working on the Wikipedia Kallmann syndrome website trying to keep the information up to date and keep the article useful for patients hopefully.

I have been talking to fellow KS patients both in the Facebook groups and other social media. I enjoy talking to other patients from all over the world. I try to meet up with fellow patients as often as I can. Hopefully a couple of KS friends are visiting London from overseas this summer, it will be good to meet up them.




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  1. Prosper permalink

    That’s great, medical check ups are very good, especially with a condition like Kallmanns.
    I can’t afford any of the medications for now, however, their even quite inaccessible in my country, Nigeria. Hopefully I’ll to start treatment and medications soon. I’m a male, 24 yo.

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