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Has KS made it harder to be in a relationship ??

January 8, 2018

Jason Russell is a professional fitness trainer and mind and body specialist in Australia. He also has Kallmann Syndrome. This is an extract from a post he made in one of the KS Facebook groups recently. Jason is keen to help fellow KS patients and would be happy to talk to fellow patients.

Has KS made it harder to be in a relationship ??

Right at the start, when everyone else was getting into relationships and going “all the way” I was more interested in sport and food.

First girlfriend I had lasted about 6 weeks and first three I feared what she thought about KS and “size”. I didn’t want anyone else at school to find out. I didn’t want to feel the rejection if she left because of it. I found it extremely difficult to be intimate because I was fearful for what she would think.

Biggest relationship before this one lasted 8 months. she was very insecure and abusive. at one point she said she was going to leave because of the KS, and compared my size to her younger brothers. (her insecurities not mine)

There are a couple of examples of difficulty (plenty more)

HOWEVER it has taught me to dig deep into finding out who I was, becoming more confident in me, learning to love myself with KS before I could enter a relationship and be confident with who I am as a person as well as the size.

I’m no expert in this however would like to share experiences. If you would like to read more have a read in the comments

Relationships have been tricky right from the start (this isn’t about a poor me party) but I am sure that it can benefit others)

you may have these thoughts
– fear of others finding out
– fear of rejection
– fear of being intimate
– fear of not being good enough (as a person or in bed)
– fear of “size matters” (which it doesn’t matter as long as you know how to use it which means jumping in the deep end, literally and practicing)

You can minimise these fears, by appreciating who you are as a person and focusing on what you can do, loving yourself unconditionally (I know easier said than done, I know I been working on myself for years I know how challenging it can get)

If you love yourself you cannot get rejected by others because their opinion does not matter in the slightest only yours does. if they care than they don’t deserve you in the first place, if they love you unconditionally KS and all then there will be no rejection.

At some stage I have felt not being good enough as a man because I couldn’t produce testosterone. and felt unworthy as a person. HOPING not many of you have felt the same, however most likely have been one or two felt this way. TRUTH is you are worthy as a human being, everyone on this planet is here for a reason, and we are meant to fulfil the reason we are hear, you just have to figure out what your purpose is (challenging but worth it)

SIZE, GUYS it does NOT matter, you CAN still give a girl a bloody good time and have her enjoy every minute of it no matter the size (took me ages to register but its true)

PS.. in relationships it must be loving unconditionally from both parties, you love them and they love you KS and ALL. if they don’t love you for that then they are NOT the right human you should be spending your life with.

you need to find out what each other value in life and relationship, be authentic, trusting, honest, caring, sharing and more

ALSO there are other methods of pleasing a girl or guy, than being well equipped.

Jason’s Facebook page.


We have a number of Kallmann syndrome patient groups on Facebook, with various privacy settings. They can be a good way of interacting with fellow patients from around the world and share experiences and questions about the condition.

Kallmann syndromer’s Group on Facebook.

This is the largest of the groups on Facebook. Its privacy setting is “closed” which means other people can see the group and who is a member of the group but they can not see any of the posts within the group.


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