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Twenty four hours with a sense of smell.

December 29, 2017

Anosmia is one of the defining symptoms of Kallmann syndrome. The sense of smell might not appear to be the most important of our senses but you do miss out on sensations and experiences that other people take for granted.

Jess' Journey

Not having a sense of smell has always been my “party trick”. I’ve never smelled a rose. I’ve never smelled a fart. I’ve never smelled a skunk that everyone in the car complains about. I’ve always imagined a life with a sense of smell. How different could it be? What exactly am I missing out on?

I’ve always wanted to wake up to the smell of something cooking. I’m not a big breakfast person but something tells me I’d love the scent of cinnamon rolls. A fresh pot of coffee paired with the most delicious breakfast food ever sounds like a beautiful start to the day. After soaking up the new scent, I’d love to take an adventure to a public garden. I’ve always wanted to know the difference between a tulip and a rose. Other than their color, what sets them apart?

This day would have to take place…

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