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Update – Future Reddit AMA Information

October 4, 2015



Brandon has appeared on the US programme “Doctors TV” when they featured Kallmann syndrome. The video of that programme is available through Reddit and You Tube.

A couple of Kallmann syndrome patients have done AMA (Ask Me Anything) posts on Reddit before and they are beneficial in highlighting the condition.

AMA on Kallmann syndrome from a couple of years ago.


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  1. lookingforward permalink

    Hi everyone.

    I am a 28 year old male from Europe.

    I just had this huge realization when i found this video on Reddit.

    So many things in my life and past suddenly made sense when seen through the lens of this syndrome. I just went to the doctor and she was kind enough to make all kinds of tests.

    I am still awaiting the results, but i am 100% sure that it will be symptomatic of this syndrome or something similar.

    I have literally all the symptoms and i am now left with a feeling of confusion, relief and extreme regret and anger.

    Looking back the stories posted here mirror my life to a frightening degree. Why on earth didn’t the doctors say anything when i came in with extreme anxiety looking 10 years younger than i were 6 years ago? Why did my parents just accept that i didn’t develop normally?

    Oh well, today literally is the first day of a new life.

    Can anyone point me to a forum where i can get and share information about this?

    Thanks in advance!

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