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Consensus paper published on the guidelines for the treatment and diagnosis of Kallmann syndrome and CHH.

July 25, 2015

This is a comprehensive paper and is the result of four years work from KS experts around Europe.

This paper provides all the information any doctor treating a patient with KS / CHH would need and allows patients to gain an insight into their condition.

It is a long paper to read but it can be very worthwhile, especially if patients have only recently been diagnosed or are being seen by doctors with little experience of treating patients with KS / CHH.

It is the “gold standard” recommendations for diagnosis and treatment from the most experienced KS clinicians in Europe.

The paper is available for anybody to read. The paper gives a very good overall summary of the current knowledge of Kallmann syndrome with recommendations for diagnosis and treatment for male and female patients. It should serve as a reference guide for clinicians to learn more about the condition and for patients to gain the knowledge themselves and be proactive in their discussions with medical professionals.

This is the first paper to recommend specific guidelines for Kallmann syndrome patients in particular rather than hypogonadal patients in general.

The paper is a result collaboration of KS doctors around Europe.

Link to article in Nature.


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