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Nebido Injection.

February 17, 2013

Nebido is a long lasting testosterone injection that is effective for treating patients with Kallmann syndrome and CHH.
It was first developed and produced by the Bayer health group and is licenced and distributed under the trade name Reandron 1000 in Australia, Reandron in Spain and Nebid in Italy.

It is a 4ml injection of testosterone undecanoate that is given as a deep muscular injection.

Two loading injections are first taken 6 weeks apart then injections are normally given at 10 to 13 week intervals depending on the response. Some patients enjoy the convenience of only having to have an injection every 3 months; it is not unknown for some patients to go 6 months in-between injections and still achieve normal testosterone levels.

Most patients achieve steady normal physiological levels of testosterone while using Nebido, without the peaks and troughs seen with shorter lasting injections.

It is a large volume to inject and sometimes there can be some short lasting localised pain at the injection site but this can be avoided by warming the vial in hot water for 5 minutes before injecting to allow the solution to become more viscous.

The injection is widely available throughout the world apart from the USA where under the trade name Aveed but it has yet to be licenced.

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