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Treatment options for Kallmann syndrome

September 3, 2010

Treatment options available for Kallmann syndrome or HH.

Hormone replacement only:

Tablets – not normally effective as dose is far too low

Daily gel application – gives good levels but can cause skin irritation with some
Daily patch application

Fortnightly or monthly injection, normally with Sustanon.

Injection every 3 months, such as Nebido. Not available in every country but appears to be very effective for treating KS or HH with stable levels throughout the treatment cycle.

Implants every 6 months, convienient but can leave scarring at implant site.

Injection with hCG / Pregnyl, can be expensive but the best method to give a more natural testosterone level and does have the advantage of increased testicular size in some men.

hCG is also the pre-cursor for fertility treatments. If a good response is achieved with hCG then a FSH type injection such as Gonal-F or Perganol is used to start sperm production and hopefully achieve fertility.

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